Friday, February 12, 2016

Enhance your student-centered class with interactive videos!

A common resource in many online classrooms, whether it is blended, flipped or fully online is the use of videos to facilitate learning followed by some sort of formative assessment.  I know several teachers in my district are using the power of videos to help facilitate learning. Imagine how much more powerful these videos would be if you could embed questions or comments right in the video! There are several tools out there on the web that allow you to do this, but I am going to highlight EdPuzzle because it is completely free, whereas the other ones have "Freemium" options, meaning they'll give you some basics for free, but to get all the tools you must upgrade.  Another reason I am highlighting EdPuzzle is it integrates directly with google classroom and gets your students using it in no time.  When you share your videos, you can choose a Google Classroom class, a class you created in EdPuzzle or you can simply just share a link with anyone.  Sharing a link with anyone will not track progress, but it will still give your students immediate feedback.  Check out the short video below to see how EdPuzzle works and then head over to to create your first interactive video!

Video Credit: 2Minute Teacher Tech