Thursday, January 28, 2016

5 Cool OER Math sites

Looking for a way to supplement or spice up your math class?  Check out these 5 Math Open Educational Resources!

Xtra Math -  This site is great for setting up math facts practice so students become quicker at recalling them instead of relying on their fingers. Fluency goals are achieved with timed practice as they race against the clock.  There aren't a lot of bells and whistle, and it is quite simple and straight forward to use.

Prodigy Game - Grades K-8. Your kids will feel like they're playing a fun game with Prodigy Math.  They'll practice math skills while going on quests and casting spells. They even get to customize their avatar the first time they log in. It's simple to create an account and get students started using Prodigy Game. Students can work on a variety of math skills or the teacher can assign which skills they work on and there are diagnostic tests that levelizes students according to their ability. Check out the resources section of their website to get started.

Front Row - Grades K-8.   Front row also has game-like features to keep students engaged.  It is adaptive Math (and ELA) practice where teachers can create classes to keep track of students and intervene when needed with the assigned practice feature.  I made a Front Row Math learning collection here using to help you get started.

Achieve the Core - Grades K-12.  This site is packed with resources for teachers on how to teach Common Core Math (and ELA).   They have everything from assessments, lessons, tools for planning and even professional development. It was founded by the lead writers of Common Core to ensure teachers can put the standards to work effectively.  

Khan Academy - Grades K-12.  Even though Khan Academy has a wide variety of content areas to choose from, the creator started off making math videos for his cousin using Yahoo Doodle and uploading them to YouTube.  There are thousands of high-quality self-paced, student-centered lessons. 

If you know of any OER Math websites or apps that deserve recognition, please let me know!