Friday, November 20, 2015

What's new in Google Classroom as of 11/20/15

As many of you have discovered, Google Classroom is an extremely useful tool, especially for those of us who are paper challenged.
 I personally have a terrible time keeping track of hundreds of pieces of papers throughout the day and that was my biggest downfall as a classroom teacher. I realized that many of my students had the same organizational issues that I had, so when google apps first became available, I was sold. I had my students draft work on Google Docs and share them with me, and they created ePortfolios with Google Sites to keep their work organized. I was hooked on Google. 
Last year, Google Classroom came out and boy do I wish I had access to this feature as a classroom teacher! It keeps everything organized in one spot for each class. You can create assignments with due dates, and students can turn in their assignment right from their Google Docs. You can also post and assign to multiple classes at the same time. One of the best features is you don't have to invent the wheel year after year, Google Classroom allows you to reuse posts from those classes and post them in the new class! Watch the video below to check out the newest features in Google Classroom. 
But first there are 2 new features that have come out since I've made that video that I'd like to tell you about. 
1. Calendar feature - If you use Google Calendar, then you've probably noticed this feature by now. (If you don't use Google Calendar, then you must be a wizard to be able to keep track of everything all on your own). Now, each class is assigned a calendar that can be accessed through Google Classroom or Google Calendar. Assignments with due dates are automatically added to the calendar and students and teacher can now easily see when assignments are due on which day. 
2. Google Forms can now be easily attached in Google Classroom right from the drive and when they complete the form it automatically marks it as done in Google Classroom. Before Classroom was anti-Form for some reason and wouldn't allow you to attach a form from your drive. 
The video below will show you the following new features: Create An Announcement or Question, Reuse a Post, Invite a Teacher, Select Multiple Classes when making a post and a really cool new feature called Share to Classroom. Enjoy!

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